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ANK Jewellery designs jewelleries representing vivid symbols of physical and spiritual experiences ­– emphasizing the value of exclusiveness, the beauty in the process, and in all nature gives us.

Founded by Ana Ferrari, an artist and sculptor with a passion for jewellery, ANK Jewellery incorporates art into its creations. The brand seeks inspiration from nature, the human figure, cultural elements, and the aesthetic compositions of other cultures that carry a lot of history behind them. This results in jewellery that is both organic, contemporary, and deeply meaningful.


Ana delves deep into her purposes and conducts extensive research to develop a strong concept, which serves as the foundation for her sculptures and art installations exhibited in museums and art fairs around the world. She understands the value of materials crafted by nature and the importance of preserving them. Recognizing the beauty of symbology rather than just the form, Ana combines different elements to create unique and meaningful pieces.

"Jewellery is an expression of oneself and appreciation for wearable art." - Ana Ferrari


ANK Jewellery travels the world in search of gemstones, metals, and unique meanings to make protective and healing amulets. These creations connect wearers with new definitions of beauty, art, and expressions of life translated into shapes and colors. Each piece is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials and sustainable practices. The gold used is sourced from recycled or environmentally responsible sources, minimizing the brand's environmental impact and making it an innovative and ethical choice.


Through ANK Jewellery, Ana and the brand's supporters are on a constant search for new sensations and new meanings. They believe that jewelry is not just an adornment, but a powerful expression of oneself and an appreciation for wearable art.

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