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The women of Oman were inspiration for the original and intriguing pieces of this line.

Jewels that hug and draw around body.

Floating stones, traces hidden and gold lines with brilliant that translate the mystery of the east.


Enchantment is in what does not can be touched and the pieces bring this concept.


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The Indian line mirrors the spirituality which is the foundation country's cultural heritage.


She represents the Indian woman and her strong but light personality.


The jewels that make up the line reproduce the curves of the soul.



The wind is in tune with the invisible spirit, which gives life to life itself.

Upon entering the ear, the wind produces spiral movements, spreading throughout the body in its countless passages. 

Listening is the basic meaning to communicate our truth.

2022-08-06 - ANK-53.jpg


Seeks inspiration from nature, the human figure, cultural elements, and the aesthetic compositions of other cultures that carry a lot of history behind them.


This results in jewellery that is both organic, contemporary, and deeply meaningful.

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