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Creative director of the ANK Jewellery brand, Ana Ferrari envisions the jewellery as an artistic venue, overflowing with potential to convey physical and spiritual experiences and symbology through sculptural pieces.

Her trajectory as an artist began after studing Fashion Design and Business school, nourishing a newfound passion for jewellery and its potential for permanent creations. That was when she decided to embark on a journey through culture, jewellery techniques and contact with other creators through ancestral legacy.

In her travels, she scoured the five continents looking for gemstones, metals, and unique meanings to craft talismans. Her journey took her several times to India, unearthing new gemstones, and studying the oriental insights of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Nepal. She explored the largest fairs in Hong Kong and Tucson. Visited a gold mine in Oman. Fell in love with tanzanite in Africa. In Russia, she discovered the beauty of fusing different materials together, as she continued to hone her craft in Italy, Austria, Germany, and England.

Throughout this immersive experience, she realized that each element used in the aesthetic composition of other cultures carries a lot of history behind it. She discovered the beauty of symbology, rather than form. She understood the value of materials crafted by nature, and the importance of preserving them.

Since then, ANK Jewellery envisions its mission as an artistic channel, able to broaden its customers’ horizons and awaken in them a spark of curiosity and hunger for life. Ana’s artwork carries the responsibility of respectfully translating ethnical traditions and the symbology of other cultures in the form of handmade, organic, and sustainable jewellery, made of recycled gold and/or Fair Supply Chain – underlining the value of uniqueness, the beauty of the process and the elements that were gifted to us by nature.

Exhibited her works in Nara Roesler - Brazil, Eric Buterbaugh - Los Angeles, Espacio Gallery - London and museo ́A CASA ́ - Brazil, ArtDot in Miami Art week Basel and Venice Biennial week.

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