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ANK Jewellery designs jewelleries representing vivid symbols of physical and spiritual experiences ­– emphasizing the value of exclusiveness, the beauty in the process, and in all nature gives us.

Free spirited and driven by huge curiosity over life, Ana Ferrari, ANK´s creative director, has explored the five continents, searching for, and collecting, unique metal, gems, stories, cultures, and meanings. Along the journey, she “store” her experiences in boxes, each one containing items featured in her story, adding value and new perceptions her artistic and each created collection.

Throughout this immersive experience, she realized that each element used in the aesthetic composition of other cultures carries a lot of history behind it. She discovered the beauty of symbology, rather than the form. She understood the value of materials crafted by nature, and the importance of preserving them.

Inspired by the Egyptian Key of Life and reframed by Ana, the ANK Key represents how magic creativity is, taking experiences and turning them into pieces of art that tell stories, and send us to new universes. Horizons widen every time the ANK Key opens a box, inviting us to a new journey, a new talisman collection.

ANK Jewellery travels looking for gemstones, metals and unique meanings to make protective and healing amulets, which connect you with new definitions of beauty, art and new expressions of life translated into shapes and colors. We are together in a constant search for new sensations and new meanings.

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“Everything happens for a reason. Everything has a purpose.
Ours is to guide you through this adventure we call life.”


Combining artistic and symbolic elements from other cultures to craft pieces of jewellery that are unique objects of expression.

Raise awareness of the power of energy healing and spiritual connection found in gemstones and metals.

Turn the brand into a space of unity.

Seek out the best techniques and materials around the world.

With the VISION to become an artistic channel, able to awaken a spark of curiosity and hunger for life, filling lives with meanings and symbols that broaden our consciousness and horizons.


Quality in all points of contact


Respect for all cultures and spiritualities

Welcoming to all, respecting differences, and valuing the unique characteristics of each individual

Promoting the unity and singularity of each ethnicity

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Hiker Spirit
Those with a wandering spirit, who long to travel with no destination and no borders. In their travels, they appreciate and gather elements of new aesthetics, revealing the beauty of imperfection, simplicity, and the shapes and forms crafted by nature



Wanderlust is the yearning to travel above all else. It’s the unsettling feeling we get when we settle down for too long. It’s a genuine interest to learn new cultures and explore unknown places.

Believe in beliefs 

In their journeys, these individuals seek out new interpretations of faith and sanctity, truly seeing the diversity of symbols, talismans, amulets and incorporating them to their own lives and beliefs, ultimately enriching their physical and spiritual journeys.


Ritual traveller

In their travels, they realize that each element used in the aesthetic composition of other cultures carries a lot of meaning and history behind it, learning that aesthetic beauty is also about symbology, rather than mere form.

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